It’s our job to ensure that your product sells and your color swatch is accurately represented. In order to make this happen, your color swatches need to match your actual product. ARC are experts at producing and manufacturing accurate swatches that match the color of the actual car using your paint. When color replication needs to be accurate, a process like ARC’s allows for precise color communication. ARC matches all customer supplied color standards in the customer’s supplied paint, coats the paint into sheet form, and then converts the painted sheets into custom die cut color swatches.

The result of receiving accurate color swatches produced by ARC will increase customer confidence levels when buying your products; satisfaction post purchase, and increase your sales with repeat business.

Our Services

  1. ARC refinish paint swatches
  2. ARC project managent
  3. ARC exhibition design
  4. ARC brand design
  5. ARC internet marketing
  6. ARC social media marketing

Make better swatches

There are several advantages to using a coated color chip process like ARC’s:

  • Every color is matched to standards using our customer’s paint so the color match is an accurate match to the car that is being repaired.
  • Very subtle variations in color can be accurately represented, along with the stability of the color matches.
  • The color’s consistency is exact. Production process includes quality control measures to hold the color accuracy.

360° Color Solutions

Automotive Refinish Color Solutions (ARC) prides itself on exceptional customer service, innovation, flexibility and understanding our customer’s needs. Our team likes going the extra mile, as nothing is better than the feeling of accomplishment when we exceed our client’s expectations in the quality of service they received. ARC’s focus is on delivering superior service to its customers.

ARC believe change is the only constant in life and the key to handling change is flexibility. ARC prides itself on our ability to manage change and are adept at handling changes in a way that produces positive results for both parties.

ARC understands that every client is unique and treats them with the respect and care they deserve while focusing on the unique requirements of their projects. We use our expertise in recommending solutions, so clients have the best possible experience and results.

Innovation is in the DNA of ARC,
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employees and working its way
through the entire organization.


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