A dynamic QR code is one that re-directs the painter “behind the scenes” to your website or YouTube video containing product or color specific technical data or training video. The “dynamic” part relates to being able to change the re-direction of the website or YouTube video. Using dynamic QR codes enables you to collect real-time analytics data in date searchable table form showing date, time, device type and location for each scan event. There is unique reporting for each QR code in Excel format.

Speak to the right audience at the right time—when they need you.

  • Working alongside the body shop as a partner offering on demand customer specific training 24/7
  • Direct interaction with the bodyshop for quick training solutions
  • Brand communication through a position of authority. At the same time, you highlight your strengths
  • Creative, using all available media and tools for best visibility and mileage: Showing the message where it is most likely to be seen.
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ARC dynamic QR codes

Analytics is the base for any new marketing activity. Analytics gives your company the ability to improve and maximize the impact of your efforts. It’s not just about training analytics it also measures your brand strength, allowing you to stay ahead of competition and keep your customers satisfied.

For each refinishing step you have a system that will help your customer save time, material and in turn, money.

If you want to be the best in the long term, you have to keep updating your customer’s expertise and their ability to get the paint “out of the can and onto the car” in the most profitable way. ARC’s color swatches embedded with dynamic QR codes enable you to speak directly to the painter at no additional cost.

With your perfectly coordinated systems consisting of premium products and using ARC’s revolutionary service solutions, our dynamic QR enabled color swatches, will ensure efficient work and brilliant business in your customers bodyshop.