Exhibition & brand design

In a cluttered market, your brand’s packaging and marketing can make the difference between success and failure. Constant innovation is required to keep your brand at the forefront of the industry.

Over the past 2 decades, the ARC design and marketing team have worked with the big names in the industry to produce outstanding solutions for their branding, packaging, exhibitions, print and web-based marketing initiatives.


Our Services

  1. ARC exhibition design
  2. ARC brand design
  3. ARC internet marketing
  4. ARC social media marketing

Be bold, stand out from the crowd and be different.

The ARC design team prides itself on innovative strategies, sophisticated design,
engaging experiences and innovative technology to drive results for our clients.
We always start with a focussed strategy that will deliver bold, unique and game-changing solutions. We strive to give our clients more visibility with a killer experience to deliver big results.



Refinish marketing

Key to the successful growth of your brand is your ability to, collectively with your Jobber, bring new and exciting marketing incentives to your Jobber’s customers – the body shop, keeping them engaged in the category and increasing the frequency of purchase.

For pennies on the dollar you can help your Jobbers with strategies that build a brand worth following.


Email Marketing

Your individual Jobbers’ email goals may vary, but in every case, email marketing affords your Jobber the opportunity to engage with current customers and target prospective customers with a personalized message and measurable results.
Email marketing is an especially powerful strategy when targeting your Jobber’s in-house list. ARC’s team has been creating successful email campaigns for 20 years – helping clients grow existing accounts and residual sales. There are newer, shinier marketing tools out there. But none as personal, cost effective and profitable if done right. ARC will get your Jobbers email marketing back on track.

  • With a strategy and schedule to achieve your goals
  • Designed to deliver and engage
  • Content that drives readers to click
  • Landing pages that close the loop

ARC will get your
Jobbers email
marketing back
on track.


Targeted marketing

Website Design and Development

With pretty much every buyer turning to search engines to find products, solve problems and answer questions – your Jobbers’ websites play a critical role in your marketing plan. Your Jobber’s website is your company’s storefront, elevator pitch and first impression – all rolled into one.

If that news depresses you – then the design team at ARC is here to help. At ARC, we believe websites are the marketing workhorse. That style alone won’t win sales. And an effective website makes an impact by delivering an outstanding customer experience:

  • Telling your Jobbers business’s story
  • Automatically adjusting for mobile visitors
  • Selling your products’ value
  • Establishing credibility
  • And converting browsers into buyers

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most direct methods of communication. As we move towards an “always plugged-in” society, the ability to reach would-be customers through their mobile devices creates a powerful marketing opportunity.
With such a large universe of platforms, advertising possibilities and potential brand ambassadors, social media management can feel dizzying.

The team at ARC will help your Jobbers make sense of the noise with a social media strategy focused on your goals and the right audience for your brand. A plan that blends creativity, content and smart audience targeting.

Your Jobber will get a social media marketing program focused on results…

  • Social page design aligned with your brand
  • Share-worthy content
  • Consistent audience growth
  • Targeted posts to generate sales and leads
  • More fan engagement

Don’t let your
Jobbers be left out
of the conversation.